Executive Leadership Board

Dr Taiwo Olusola Aderemi (Community Coordinator)

A graduate of the University of Ibadan (MBBS) and University of Ibadan Postgraduate School (Community Medicine). Ethicist certified by the World Medical Association (Oslo, Norway), a Good Clinical Practice certified(Holoway, University of London), a Scholar of the Global Health Initiative and a Member of Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered): NIM. With vast experience as Medical officer, Surgeon's assistant, and Programme Manager, Dr Taiwo Olusola Aderemi presently practices Medicine at the community level in a private facility and also is involved in Research, Public Health Consultancy and voluntary charitable services. An exceptional volunteer with Sickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation (SCHAF), Dr Taiwo Olusola Aderemi deploys expertise in Counseling, Health Education and promotion to drive the organization's community based projects. An expert in the major local language, he helps with translation of papers, mobilization and effective communication where target audience requires the local language for understanding.