Executive Leadership Board

Mr Abayomi Odetunde (Director of Operations)

Mr Abayomi Odetunde MSC. FMLSCN obtained his Medical Laboratory Technician certificate from the Federal College of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Sciences, Vom-Jos in 1991 and is an Associate of Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria(MLSCN) with specialty in microbiology. He graduated from the School of Medical Laboratory Sciences, University College Hospital, Ibadan as a fellow of Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria in June 1997 after a fellowship program in Chemical Pathology. He obtained a Masters degree in Medical Microbiology from Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma in 2004. Mr Abayomi Odetunde currently works with Genetics and Bioethics Research Unit of the Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training ( IMRAT), University of Ibadan and is a highly experienced Medical Laboratory Scientist with research experience in studies on hypertension, Asthma, Household Air Pollution, Sickle Cell and Breast cancer. He is a foundation staff of the first immunohistochemistry laboratory in Nigeria. He has attended training programs at the department of Parasitology University of Heidelberg, Germany and the Department of Medicine Universityof Chicago as an InternationalConference on Renewable Energy Technologies (ICRET) fellow. Mr. Abayomi Odetunde is a foundation member of Sickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation (SCHAF). He is the Director of Operations and his duties include organizing programs of SCHAF which include the monthly meetings, awareness, coordinating research projects of SCHAF and other duties as assigned by the President/Executive Director of SCHAF. His hobbies include travelling and music.